Coilover Suspension Kit


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DUAL MOTOR OWNERS PLEASE NOTE: We are taking preorders for Dual Motor and Dual Motor Performance Coilover Suspension Kits. Delivery date is early 2019


Our Dual Rate Lowering Springs have proven to be the gold standard for owners looking to improve the handling, efficiency or simply to make their Tesla Model 3 look even better. For owners who want to extract even more performance out of their Model 3’s suspension, we created our adjustable coilover suspension kit. The Unplugged Performance Coilover Suspension Kit for Tesla Model 3 installs in place of the factory dampers [shocks / struts] and springs, adding a full range of customizability to the vehicle’s height, as well as the ability to fine tune the dampers to each driver’s needs. The target use spectrum is finely balanced between every day street driving, significantly increased performance, as well as heightened handling responsiveness on the race track.

Back Story:

During the process of developing our dual rate spring technology for the Model 3 we had also extensively studied the factory spring and shock systems. During disassembly of both early and later production run Model 3s we had placed each version of factory shocks on a shock dyno. Our findings were that the factory shocks were already excellent for street use in non-adjustable form. However by implementing motorsports technology, fine tuning of shock valving and a wide range of adjustability we were able to capture additional performance on a spectrum ranging from comfortable street use to dedicated track use. This led to our development of a fully adjustable shock for both rebound damping and for ride height settings. Prototype one was fitted for daily driving use in October of 2017 and was in use for many months. Prototypes two and three have followed and have resulted in a track tested final validation in May of 2018.


  • Height Adjustable – fully personalize the height of your Model 3!
  • Rebound Dampening Adjustable – Rebound damping regulates the speed at which your shock bounces back from an impact (pothole, bump, hard cornering). By adjusting rebound dampening, one can customize the ride and handling of Model 3. On our coilovers, rebound dampening is adjustable by and easily accessible knob located on each damper (24 clicks of adjustment)
  • Every shock is custom engineering utilizing our racing background and partnerships. Each shock is assembled utilizing Ohlins internal components. After assembly they are placed on a shock dyno to validate exact results. Shock dyno data is provided with each set of coilovers.
  • High flow D port pistons + super low friction seals and rod guide bushings
  • Monotube design
  • Retains the factory upper damper mounts to mitigate the transmission of excessive noise and vibration into the passenger cabin
  • Like our Dual Rate Lowering Springs, the Unplugged Performance Coilover Suspension Kit is a simple and straightforward installation onto you Tesla Model 3 (about 3-4 hours)
  • Assembled in USA
  • Rebuildable and re-valvable in USA