Front Lip Spoiler for Tesla Model 3


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The Unplugged Performance Model 3 Front Lip Spoiler is an easy to install upgrade to enhance the visual impact of your Model 3. The front lip attaches using factory attachment points with no cutting or drilling required. The lip is produced in a rugged impact resistant polymer, designed to take impacts and bounce back.



What is the construction [material]? Impact Resistant Proprietary Blend Polymer, made 100% in USA.

  • It this compatible with current spec auto pilot hardware?
    • Yes
  • Is this compatible with vital cooling systems?
    • Yes, it mounts flush to the central cooling duct.
  • Can I drive my car every day or will ground clearance be a problem?
    • Front lip edge ground clearance is within 0.5” of the factory bumper. We do not believe 0.5” will be a factor for most people as typically aftermarket lip spoilers sit lower than that. However, as always, if something is a concern, we do not suggest purchasing any product until you are confident it is right for you.
  • My car is a lease, is there any permanent modification to my car by installing?
    • No, we have designed this to install/remove using factory attachment points so that it can be installed and removed with no trace. There is zero cutting, drilling or modifying the car to install/remove.
  • Do you provide a warranty with the product?
  • Do I need a Tesla certified body shop to install?
    • You may use Tesla certified facilities, and many of them are dealers of Unplugged Performance already. However we have designed this (and all of our exterior parts) to be able to be installed with basic tools by any professional body shop. There is no specific Tesla tools or knowledge required to install. The only requirement for install is the ability to know how to use basic tools in combination with reading and following instructions thoroughly.
  • Do you offer pre-painted parts?
    • We previously offered pre-painted parts. What we have found was too much risk of damage to paint during shipping. We also always suggest that the installer provides painting services locally to ensure best paint match as some cars vary from others in exact color and blending is sometimes needed. For purposes of best end result we do not pre-paint.
  • How much is install and paint?
    • This will vary widely based on labor rates of your country, city and specific shop. We regularly get feedback from body shops that our product quality exceeds their expectations. However as a baseline, we suggest inquiring with a local shop you trust to ask for a quote. If you are curious of a ballpark price, in the US an extremely generic ballpark pricing would be approximately $300-600 for paint and install out the door for Model 3.
  • What happens if I hit a car, curb, deer, etc?
    • We’ve designed this to have flex and to be impact resistant. The impact resistance is comparable to what the the factory bumper can take. We did not make this in fiberglass or carbon fiber which do shatter or crack on impact, this product can bend. In fact you can crunch it into a ball and it will retain shape retention and pop back to original shape.
  • Do you ship worldwide?
    • Absolutely, on everything we make.