DIY Chrome Delete Kit


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One of our most popular local upgrades is our comprehensive de-chroming. Unfortunately we’ve been unable to offer it remotely, until now. We’ve taken our experience and knowhow to develop a do-it-yourself chrome delete package.  What we’ve developed is a comprehensive package of precision pre-cut components that takes the guess work out of the installation. The end result offers 90% of the result of a professional installer but that can be applied in your garage at home at a fraction of the cost. The remaining 10% that only a professional installer can do would involve stretching and cutting to manage complex curves as well as removal and re-installation of the car’s brightwork. Specifically, for the mirrors bases we’ve developed an all original design that integrates a splash of chrome in a stylish way with the vinyl. This mirror design resolves a common problem professional installers encounter of mirror auto-tilt interference tearing up the vinyl with long term use. This mirror solution is not only stylish but is precision pre-cut to allow for easy installation.



  • What is the product warranty?
    • We guarantee it to arrive free of defect, to fit as designed to your Tesla and to never fade in the sun. Beyond that, this is a DIY install and we cannot warranty or guarantee your installation results.
  • Will this damage my chrome?
    • If installed correctly, absolutely not.
  • Will 100% of my chrome be gone?
    • Strategically we have left a little chrome on the mirrors to ensure proper operation of the auto tilt function without interference. Additionally the insides of your door handles will have chrome visible when the door handles are pulled out. Overall, the pictures speak for themselves of the results.