A return back to the point of origin. All Teslas begin their life drawn on a piece of paper in Hawthorne, California at the Tesla Design Studio. A select few of those Teslas return back to the drawing board just next-door here at Unplugged Performance. Tesla’s accolades are already unquestionable in automotive history, yet for the discerning few, having the best is a starting point rather than a conclusion. Much like McLaren’s MSO and Rolls-Royce’s customization programs, the opportunity exists to inject more personality, more performance, more luxury and even higher grade materials into any Tesla. This process begins where Tesla’s fully loaded options list leaves off.

Every Unplugged Performance Complete Vehicle comes off of the same Tesla assembly line, but that is where the similarities end. Among the hundreds of thousands of Teslas, there can be no mistaking one of our custom cars. Every vehicle is truly a collaborative effort, our consultative process imparts the personality and tastes of each car’s unique owner to create a one of a kind creation that excites the senses like no other Tesla can. Redefine what a top of the line Tesla can become with Unplugged Performance.



Unplugged Performance Complete Vehicles roam the globe and can be found everywhere from Dubai to Silicon Valley. We are flexible in our capability to ship new vehicles worldwide by either ocean or air freight. We also welcome starting with previously owned vehicles from all over the world. In some cases we can even send our team overseas to do projects remotely. We welcome the potential to make one of a kind vehicles anywhere on earth, and with Elon’s help, someday on Mars too.


Every aspect of the vehicle from the exterior paint to the interior material selection can be custom tailored to your specific needs. Want to turn you or your loved one’s favorite nail polish color into a custom DNA paint code? No problem. How about utilizing the same exotic materials from your favorite Lamborghini’s interior? Also, no problem. No request is too big or small. The art of coachwork and bespoke vehicles is alive and well, applied to the world’s most groundbreaking car since the original Ford Model T.


A $150,000+ Tesla P100DL looks nearly identical inside and out to an older 40, 60, or 75 model which costs substantially less and offers substantially less performance. With this in mind, we set out to match the luxury and style of the vehicle to its performance and tech, and so the Complete Vehicle Program was born. Our team has 16 years of unrivaled experience with performance automobiles, bespoke product development, and complete ground-up custom vehicle projects for the world’s most demanding clientele.


We believe in beautiful and functional upgrades done by hand in the USA. We believe in vehicles crafted with love, skill and exacting attention to detail by artisans who have devoted their lives to their craft. We believe that every detail matters and countless hours devoted to the what may seem like insignificant details matter when it comes to the enjoyment of owning and using a piece of precision art.


There are those that want to break the mold, and those who don’t even want a mold created in the first place. For the select few, we provide a true return to classic coach-building. Our skilled artisans have the ability to hand shape individual custom panels or even complete vehicles from scratch. While it is true that talented design and coach building firms exist around the world, none can match our uniquely extensive experience with Tesla hardware, performance and aerodynamics to realize your vision in harmony with Tesla’s inherent DNA. This is our unique, old-world offering with a techno-twist for those who demand nothing less than pure originality.


All mass-production vehicles must be built with materials and technology in a manner that is quick and affordable in order to meet a specific price point and production efficiency. Our bespoke customization program allows the use of ultra-premium super car-grade materials such as carbon fiber, titanium, rare leathers and woods, to elevate Tesla vehicles into a whole new realm. We operate without the restrictions of mass production and public shareholders. This allows us to do the inconvenient and labor intensive artistry that injects an extra dose of passion and performance into each custom vehicle we touch.


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